May 9th, 2011


          Young Mountain has a new LP coming out called “A Billion Times Around”. These guys, as I’ve said before, are a really nice gem to find the underground punk scene. This new release has a few noticeable differences from their last releases though and it’s obvious that they’re figuring out their new sound in the midst of the changes. First off, it seems they’ve dropped their folk tag due to their recent lineup changes but all that really means is that they’ve dropped an acoustic guitar, which goes to show how trivial labels are especially in punk/emo/core genres. Nevertheless their songwriting remains as infectious as ever and their lyric content takes a clear direction towards equality, activism, and growing up through the eyes of a New England college kid. The only real drawback on this release seems to be the production. It can be inconsistent at times, you lose the vocals among other things, and some of the songwriting and performance is lost in guitar fuzz. But considering I just went through hell mixing and mastering on my own, I know how it is and it’s completely understandable in a D.I.Y. release to have to cut some corners. Or maybe the copy I received is just mixed for vinyl and cassette, in which case I’ll just have to get them to find out. All in all, I think it takes balls to put that sort of transition on record, especially a debut. They’ve got plenty of room to grow into themselves with a new full-time lineup sometime in the future.

Some of the highlights are the opening “PC Doesn’t Stand for Personal Computer Anymore” complete with Glenn Beck making an idiot of himself and all girl gang vocals, “Mixed Signals” with a circle-pit worthy chorus, and the returning “‘97 Blazer” that has some of their more heartfelt lyrics on the record.

So make sure to get it when it comes out, support the local scene. Here’s the link to preorder and get all sorts of other goodies: